Heating & AC Energy Efficiency Savings For Your NC Home

If it's time to update your HVAC systems or you're looking at ways to reduce your North Carolina homes' energy consumption and related costs, then consider the many benefits and savings you could be making with a modern energy efficient heating or cooling system professionally installed by the team at Anderson's Heating and Air Conditioning. We can show you the best systems with the most suitable energy efficient ratings to suit your needs. Read delighted testimonials on this page here and more about our commitment to great service here. Discover how Anderson's Heating and Air Conditioning can help you start saving energy and money today:

Newer, More Energy Efficient Models

Modern heating & cooling systems are more efficient than the leading models from just 10 years ago. Newer heating systems offer up to 98.5% AFUE and cooling systems provide up to a 20 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) compared to 10 SEER models of 10 years ago.  This means most of the energy is being used to heat or cool your house and not lost to inefficiencies. If your system is more than 10 years old, it is working harder and using more energy to achieve the same desired temperature as a modern system, costing you more money. With the significant operating savings available, a new system is an investment that can help you save.

Expert Installations

The EPA highlights a professional installation as being an important factor in achieving peak energy efficiency. Anderson's Heating and Air Conditioning technicians are highly experienced and trained professionals who we provide with on-going training so you can be sure of an expert installation that will allow your new system to operate at it's maximum potential energy efficiency.

Customized Solutions

When considering a new heating or cooling system, it is imperative you purchase the correct size system for your needs. A system that is too small will have to work harder to reach and maintain your desired temperature and therefore cost more to run. At Anderson's Heating and Air Conditioning we'll ensure your new system is correctly sized and rated for your home so you can enjoy maximized efficiency and start saving money today.

Digital Programmable Thermostats

The EPA also advises that digital programmable thermostats are one of the easiest ways of boosting your system's efficiency. Being able to program the system for just before you wake-up or arrive home removes the need to leave it running all the time.  You can also program your system to switch off when the desired temperature is reached and only switching on again to maintain that temperature - saving you money.

Periodic Tune-ups

Like any piece of machinery, your heating and cooling systems will benefit from periodic tune-ups to ensure they continue to reach and operate at maximum efficiency potential. Having a well maintained system also significantly lessens the chance of a break-down so you'll continue to enjoy reliable heating and cooling when you need it.

All Of Home Zoning

Home Zoning is an innovative solution which saves money without sacrificing comfort. By dividing your home into Zones, your heating and cooling systems can be automatically programmed to work only the areas you need heated or cooled thereby reducing your energy consumption and costs. For further information on how to maximize energy efficiency when operating your heating and cooling systems and reduce utility bills in New Hampshire, call and speak with the energy efficiency experts at Anderson's Heating and Air Conditioning today.